sabato 19 agosto 2017

Ask The Alpha - Eating Vampires

In the strip about Dracula, Hannibal said "in this house we eat vampires". Of course an anon noticed that... well, it's impossible to kill and eat vampires. But Hannibal never said that he kills them. Just that he eats them. Just that he eats them.

It’s your chance! The protagonists of the webcomic series
Exoterism, Hannibal the human (and cannibal) and Will the werewolf are here to enlighten you about the life of werewolves and people who lives with them. Replying at every question with a sketch (or maybe with a comic), hehe.

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Hannibal daily sketch 264

"Naturally, I respect its meticulous construction, but you are wearing a very well tailored person suite."

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domenica 13 agosto 2017

Hannibal daily sketch 263

“There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.” 

Today we wanted to draw a cute snake. And also Alana Bloom.

sabato 12 agosto 2017

Hannibal daily sketch 262

We rewatched Zootopia and... we decided to draw some Hannibal characters as Zootopia animals! Alana Bloom is a Pudù (Pudu puda, also thanks to @siliconworldnet for the inspiration!) and Will Graham is an Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)

venerdì 11 agosto 2017

*NEWS* Discussions for season 4 of Hannibal are started!

Please, everyone stay calm.
Or even not: you decide. You can even jump and scream and imitate a crazy wendigo. Or look at the screen like Bedelia would do. Or compose a new piece of music like Hannibal to celebrate...
Do what you want, you're a free Fannibal, just... look at this.

We needed to post this screenshot from the ufficial @DeLaurentiisCo twitter, the second thing that we saw on the internet this morning:

22 Months since the cancellation of the show has passed.
22 Months in which Fannibals never gave up, continuing to campaign for Hannibal, to love the series, to write fanfictions, to draw fanarts.
And here we are.
Something is moving!
Hannibal will return. "Currently in session: #Hannibal".

We don't know when (it could take a lot of time of course to organize a new season of a show, especially of a so incredibly complex one...) but now we know that is not a "if" anymore.
Look at this tweet from the official DeLaurentiis profile, that probably will explain more:

And... nothing, we just wanted to spread the good news!

giovedì 20 luglio 2017

Hannibal daily sketch 260

Edgelakanth  offered us another ko-fi tip! So she could decide the subject of the next daily sketch and... here it is! Willana for you, yay! Since it's really hot and I'm sweating, I decided to do a winter scene in attempt to recreate some cool weather XD
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