lunedì 23 aprile 2018

Hannibal daily sketch 341

We started playing Dungeons&Dragons... so we decided that our next few daily sketches will be about Hannibal characters in D&D world! Last one was Hannibal, as noble elf paladin, now it's the turn of Will, an half-elf summoner wizard.

mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

Hannibal daily sketch 340

We started playing Dungeons&Dragons... so we decided that our next few daily sketches will be about Hannibal characters in D&D world! Hannibal would be of course a noble elf paladin... with a very dark secret ;).

domenica 1 aprile 2018

Werewolf&Cannibal - In your skin

Special strip of Werewolf&Cannibal created for InYourSkin, the event from Hannibalcreative. Usually the Werewolf is Will and the Cannibal is Hannibal... what if their roles reversed? What if in the night Will was in the kitchen, cooking very suspicious meals, and Hannibal... unexpectedly shifted?
Hannibal would be definitely a much more bloodthirsty beast than Will.
Werewolf&Cannibal (formerly "The Adventures of Werewolf!Will") is a silly comic series that we have on Tapas.
Ps. The Adventures of Werewolf!Will and Ask the Alpha are brought to you from the support of our superfantastic patrons! Be a superfantastic patron you too. Or you can just offer us a coffee!

sabato 31 marzo 2018

Hannibal daily sketch 338

"Time to go and grab a meal... let's enter in that McDonald!"
"But Will... you are a werewolf! You'll scare anyone!"
"Ah, it's night and there's definitely no one in there! Also I don't think that you're concerned about that, right, mr. I Hate McDonald's food?"
Werewolf!Will is using his size and strenght to impose his will (haha) on Hannibal! It's supereffective! XD  Guys! Guys! The Adventures of Werewolf&Cannibal on Tapas have 112 subscribers! THANK YOU!
Also, this is our 400th Patron supported Hannibal fanart! Let's celebrate!

domenica 25 marzo 2018

Hannibal sketches collection vol.10

Hi! Have you missed one (or more ;) (Wink)) of our Hannibal-themed daily sketches from the last month? You can purchase 39 of them, in their original resolution, here on Gumroad for just $2:

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Hannibal daily sketch 337

This sad boy have no time.