venerdì 16 febbraio 2018

WerewolfAndCannibal - Ravenpudu

When the moon is full and the wolfsbane blooms... this werewolf run  around in search of animals to collect! And this time he found a really  special one, a ravenpudu! (Ravenpudu is the creation of a friend, edge-o-matic and it was too cute to not include it!). Have you ever seen a pudu? Search it if never, it's the littlest deer ever!

Werewolf&Cannibal (formerly "The Adventures of Werewolf!Will") is a silly comic series that we have on Tapas.
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Hannibal daily sketch 325

Clash of two realities! KABOOM! WereWill holding in his arms edge-o-matic's ravepudu, the tiniest nightmare stag ever! Why? Because next comic strip of Werewolf&Cannibal will feature ravenpudu too ;). Stay tuned.

giovedì 15 febbraio 2018

Commission - Hannibal dog cuddles

Commission for a friend, featuring her OC Michelle with Will Graham and... Hannibal in a dog onesie XD

Hannibal daily sketch 323

If you lately have been following Werewolf&Cannibal (formerly "The Adventures of Werewolf!Will"), you know why Will is starting to look pissed off (don't worry, deeply in his heart he appreciates Hannibal's cheesy jokes). Also, Hannibal is in a terrible terrible pun spree state.

Hannibal daily sketch 322

Ahhh! Better late than never... we forgot to post this because of the opening of our comic academy, so, well, we'll late again. Today's daily sketch is a contribution for #LightsCameraMurder and, of course, it's a reinterpretation of the famous Fight Club poster!

It's also the second time that we do a fight club crossover with Hannibal! HERE Will is fighting against Margot Verger!

Hannibal daily sketch 321

21th sketch for the 100ThemesChallenge:  We'll do all the 100 themes with Hannibal daily (or not-daily)   sketches! This one is "vacation", and how could we skip such an occasion for drawing Bedelia and Hannibal on the run?

Hannibal daily sketch 320

20th sketch for the 100ThemesChallenge:    We'll do all the 100 themes with Hannibal daily (or not-daily)  sketches! This one is "fortitude" and, of course, we decided to draw the same person that Hannibal portrays as the incarnation of Fortitude, Alana Bloom.