giovedì 27 novembre 2014

Hannibal tarots - Le pape - Black and white
Tarot inspired. Doctor Frederick Chilton as the hierophant.

Chibi Jimmy Price and a corpse

Jimmy Price and a corpse from NBC Hannibal. Aren't they adorable? XD

Hannibal tarots - L'empereur - Black and white

Tarot inspired. Jack Crawford as the emperor.

Chibi Hannibal and Jack hug
Hugs. I need hugs in this series, you know?
So, Hannibal Lecter (with the white suit) and Jack Crawford.

Hannibal tarots - L'imperatrice - Black and white
Tarot inspired. Alana Bloom as the empress.

Chibi Hannibal and Mason

From our alternate universe-RPG where Hannibal has received a gift from  Clarice Starling: a piglet named Mason (yes, as Mason Verger) XD

Hannibal tarots - La papesse - Black and white

Tarot inspired. Abigail Hobbs.


Hannibal in camice da medico, "richiesto", o più propriamente suggerito, da monycchan:iconmonycchan: (se non erro, visto che me l'hanno suggerito su twitter, l'account XD).

martedì 25 novembre 2014

Hannibal and the girls - Not as planned
Hannibal is suspected. Freddie Lounds interviews him for the Tattler, the laboratory must do analysis on him, psychological tests and everything else... but the girls are having too much fun and... well, is not what Hannibal has planned XD

Hannibloom - Dancing - Colored

Abigail and Hannibal - I keep your secrets

Unleashed beast - Colored

Colored version of this:

Eh, ho avuto questo sogno in cui Hannibal era un wendigo-centauro e Will gli sparava e l'ho dovuto illustrare. Tutto qui.
Eh, I had this dream in which Hannibal was a Wendigo-centaur and Will shooting him... and I had to illustrate. That's it.

domenica 23 novembre 2014

Sacrifical lamb

This is inspired by a very good fanart realized by DearLadyJekyll:icondearladyjekyll: (this ) , who kindly authorized me to use her concepts. Thank you!

For the pose, I have to thanks, as almost every time I use a pose, SenshiStock:iconsenshistock:. Thanks!
Some random Hannibal fanarts (not mine), just because I can feature them:

Hannibal - Bedelia's Tears by RedAntQueenHannibal by kennichkaHannibal art trade by DearLadyJekyllHannibal by Mello-chocolateSafety There - Hannibal and Will by Cassiuseos

Like a family
Alana Bloom, Will Graham, Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lecter.
Three FBI collaborators.
The chief of the behavioral unit.
A killer. Or two.

venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Happy Birthday Mads!

So, today is Mads Mikkelsen's birthday.

An actor absolutely serious and composed. 

If you don't know who Mads Mikkelsen is, this is clearly not the blog for you.
We, Fannibals, know this man mainly for his role as Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal serial killer, in the NBC television series  "Hannibal", of course -->

In this role, we can appreciate the grace, the impressive elegance of this man, but also, and above all, his face: angular, with intense eyes, full lips, in an overall effect that frightens and fascinates. The face of a cannibal. And his hair smooth and perfect in their imperfection. (By the way, anyone happen to know what color is his hair? Hannibal may be drawn blond, light brown, gray, and none of the colors will be wrong). 
Now, from an actor like his, what do you think that expect those who do not know him? Who does not know all the little imperfections that make it perfect?
The seriousness. Composed, calm, powerful seriousness. A person
that is capable of causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.
Never a first impression was more wrong.
Ok, Mads is capable of being scary. But that's not what he really is.

Mads Mikkelsen shows us his transformation into a Super Saiyan
But the true fan does not stop there, of course, aware of this monument of cinema and television (unfortunately, alas, still unknown to many ...). We've got to learn many wonderful things about this man whose perfection (yes, perfect) was close to unreality. He is the charisma.But, well... in his own way...
Mads moving his invisible eyebrows.
Also, appreciate please the mustache.

 Mads with some "gorilla rainbow."
Serious actor. Sure.

Movie stars, VIPs, usually are inaccessible by their fans, you know, right? Gleaming, shining stars that shine from afar and inspire us, unreachable.  
And often they also do well to be so, because of the fans that they have, among which some are capable of tear their hair, yeah, just for souvenirs ... obviously not the case of fannibals. Or Mads's fans in general.
In fact, this great man is basically the famous actor more sociable that it might happen to meet. A joy for the fans. A few examples?

A huge reason to love him, then: you can take a happy picture with Hannibal Lecter. Cool, is not it?

 But now stop talking about him... ok. No. Don't stop. But

also let's see about him, aka "Our fanart tribute to Mads Mikkelsen"!

Ps. For the ones who don't talk italian, the traduction of Hannibal's words is: Blood on a base of dark chocolate. Human blood and English meat pie.

Let's also celebrate his sense of style (
good, Mads! You do not have to dress fashionable just because you're an actor. And a great actor. Be comfortable in your clothes and be yourself, we like you!) and his love for beer (I also love beer, I loved it a lot, until I decided to become a straightedge and eliminate all the alcohol from my diet).
Oh, and did you know that his full name is Mads Mikkelsen Dittman? Hmm ... sounds so good!

Also, Mads Mikkelsen was born in Copenhangen, Denmark in 1965.
He stands at 6' (1.83 m.).
He loves beer, of course.  In addition to the Danish, he speaks Swedish, German, English, Russian and French. He's a genius. favorite roles: Hannibal Lecter, Tristan from King Arthur (with chopper the bird), One Eye from Valhalla Rising and Nigel from Charlie Countryman (even if I don't have seen yet the complete film XD).

 And this is also my 100th post on this blog!

Animal Elegance

There are two ways for no get dirty when you kill someone: cover yourself, an your clothes, with a protection or murder that guy while you're naked. So...
Anyway, only because I had no ideas for the drawing of today. And I wanted to draw Hannibal dressed only with socks, garters and blood.
Gimme gimme gimme ideas! Or I will draw nude Hannibal and random deers for the rest of the days of the waiting for the third season :iconstudmuffinplz:
Anyway, here featured some random Hannibal fanarts that I liked, only just because I can:
Murder is Magic! by DearLadyJekyllHannibal by saya10-3Mads Mikkelsen by sarun4ik.Dr Lecter. by LizzyRoseLevalcourtCrucible by NellaFantasiaa

My heart died with her

Requested by mikkelsenning on Tumblr, if I remember correct.
Hannibal remembering his past, when he was a child, and the death of his beloved little sister Mischa. So. Sadness. And Will can't explain to himself why Hannibal is so sad. He can't help.