lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

Little ball of cannibal love

Ok, maybe it's only a Fannibal thing, but... sometimes Dr. Lecter is really adorable.
And he's so hungry of... love. And human flesh. But mainly love.

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

The Bottle


Who remember that in the first season Will gave a bottle to Hannibal and said to him that he had a date with the Chesapeake Ripper?
Well, finally in the third season (a thing like six and half years later), they had their date... better late that never, right? XD

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sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Exoterism - Page 56

“I know this sounds incredibly lame,
but I don't want losing my virginity
to feel like I'm losing something.
I want it to feel like I'm finding something.
I want sex to be amazing.
I want it to be life-alteringly wonderful.
And I want it to happen with someone I love.”

― Sonya Sones, One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies 

(Yes. Hannibal is a virgin, in this story; but fear not, my dear readers, because he will not be much longer ...)



 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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Virgilio and Dante

 Ed ecco, quasi al cominciar de l’erta,
una lonza leggera e presta molto,
che di pel macolato era coverta;
       e non mi si partia dinanzi al volto,
anzi ’mpediva tanto il mio cammino,
ch’i’ fui per ritornar più volte vòlto.
       Temp’era dal principio del mattino,
e ’l sol montava ’n sù con quelle stelle
ch’eran con lui quando l’amor divino
       mosse di prima quelle cose belle;
sì ch’a bene sperar m’era cagione
di quella fiera a la gaetta pelle
       l’ora del tempo e la dolce stagione;
ma non sì che paura non mi desse
la vista che m’apparve d’un leone.
       Questi parea che contra me venisse
con la test’alta e con rabbiosa fame,
sì che parea che l’aere ne tremesse.
       Ed una lupa, che di tutte brame
sembiava carca ne la sua magrezza,
e molte genti fé già viver grame,
       questa mi porse tanto di gravezza
con la paura ch’uscia di sua vista,
ch’io perdei la speranza de l’altezza.

At first in motion set those beauteous things;
So were to me occasion of good hope,
The variegated skin of that wild beast,

The hour of time, and the delicious season;
But not so much, that did not give me fear
A lion's aspect which appeared to me.

He seemed as if against me he were coming
With head uplifted, and with ravenous hunger,
So that it seemed the air was afraid of him;

And a she-wolf, that with all hungerings
Seemed to be laden in her meagreness,
And many folk has caused to live forlorn!

She brought upon me so much heaviness,
With the affright that from her aspect came,
That I the hope relinquished of the height.

What if Dante decided to stay in the black woods of the sin? What if Virgil never guided him to the light?  And what if they adopt the three beasts?
For those unaware: The "leopard" (isn't really a leopard but a "lonza", a mixed breed, beautiful, feline), spotted haired and lithe body, is the symbol of lust; the lion, big and scary, is the allegory of pride, and finally the horrible she-wolf, a symbol of covetousness and of the insatiable greed of men to the honors and material goods.

I always wanted to draw Will as Dante and Hannibal as Virgil!
Ps. Who can spot all the hidden symbolisms? :eyes:

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lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

It's man devouring man, my dear

"For what's the sound of the world out there?
What, Mr. 
What, Mr. 
What is that sound?

Those crunching noises pervading the air
Yes, Mr. Graham, yes, Mr.
Yes, all around
It's man devouring man, my dear
And then who are we to deny it in here? [...]

Have charity towards the world, my pet
Yes, yes, I know, my love
We'll take the customers that we can get
High-born and low, my love

We'll not discriminate great from small
No, we'll serve anyone
Meaning anyone
And to anyone at all"
Tell me if it's good, for me, to watch Sweeney Todd while thinking to Hannibal XD
So, here they are: Hannigram together, after the fall of the cliff, running together a meat pie shop. And, of course, the meat is people.

domenica 10 gennaio 2016

The serpent, the tempter, the greatest angel + Speedpainting

These words are a quote from another Fannibal,itsybitsylemonsqueezy, that I've known on the chat of a Aquila Audax livestream. I had to use them. 

And here is the speedpainting video with the process!

sabato 9 gennaio 2016

Daily sketches for you!

Now we have two patrons, the awesome @hchannibloom and cicadaemon aka Christina Kish! This means that we have to celebrate. How?
In these months I wasn't really motivated a lot to draw, but now I have to keep up with the work. To re-habituate me to drawing, I'll do an Hannibal-themed sketch every day and I'll post it on Patreon!
And, because we have to celebrate, for 30 days all the sketches will be visible to everyone, not only to patrons! And you can suggest me the next sketch ;)
Ready for all the art?
You can follow me on Patron, to see the daily sketch, but if you don't have a Patron account there's no problem! Everyday I'll post a link to the daily sketch on my twitter (you can follow )

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venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Chibi - Boys vs Girls

I don't really know ho to explain this... but it seemed funny to me. And it also makes sense XD
I won't ask you to choose a side. This "boys vs girls" thing is actually totally casual. It's more "Hannigram vs angry ladies".

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Exoterism - Page 55

“Conception is not some genteel, quiet pastime; it’s a fierce and unforgiving team sport.”
― Barbara Natterson-Horowitz 


 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Exoterism - Page 54

"Werewolves are a race unto them- selves, born to humans or wolves, growing up in
troubled environments, always suspecting they are somehow different — until the First Change.

 At that time, the other werewolves, their true family, come to collect them. Then the young cubs learn something of their true nature."
-Werewolf: The Apocalypse Introductory Kit



 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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sabato 2 gennaio 2016

Like Judas

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If you want to comparate my work with the one of two geniuses of the fandom that have drawn the identical same subject, here they are! (Click on the image to see the beautiful original image).

1. Crucifixion by Aquila--Audax

2.  Lord of the Flies by Lucival

Exoterism - Page 53

Faces !
Take your turn, take a ride
on the merry-go-round . . .
in an inhuman race . 
-Phantom of the Opera - masquerade



Notes: One of the characters in the top panel (the female, human with wolf ears) have a little resemblance with Malaya from "How To be a Werewolf" because this is a sort of... hmm... tribute? How To be a Werewolf is one of my favorite webcomics and helped me to decide to start drawing Exoterism. So, I suggest to everyone the reading of it! It's fantastic, very well drawn and with werewolves... well, different from every other werewolf you've ever seen.
All the other wolves in the panel... well, you will know all of them!

 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy new year from the characters of my three webcomics:
Three Bloody Gentlemen (known also as "The Adventures of Provolino")

 Art is my job and I love to work on it. However, because commissions must always come first to pay bills (and feed the cats), my comics get neglected and go on frequent, long hiatuses. I don't want that and probably my fans don't want it too: I'm hoping that I can make enough monthly through Patreon so I can ease back on commissions and focus more on updates. If you want to help me updating often this and our other comics, please consider supporting us on Patreon