lunedì 29 agosto 2016

Collab - Kaecilius

Kaecilius, a character played by Mads Mikkelsen, from the upcoming movie “Doctor Strange”. The lineart was draw by the fantastic @bayobayo , but of course we colored it ;) How we could resist to color such a beautiful character drawn by such a fantastic artist? You can see the un-colored work HERE.
Do you want to color bayobayo’s linearts’ too?
Well, she’s on Patreon, and if you support her, you have exclusive access to the lineart files! YAY! Do it. It will be fun. (the lineart file that I used is this).

martedì 23 agosto 2016

Hannibal Hogwarts - Gryffindor Bloom

The second of the series of Harry Potter/Hannibal crossover illustration, is the young Alana Bloom! She's a Gryffindor and beater of the relative quidditch squad, she's studying to become an animagus (a blue eyed lioness) and her animal is a red cat. Her wand is made of apple wood and unicorn tail.
<Previous character - Hannibal
Next of the series? It will be Will.

sabato 20 agosto 2016

Hannibal Hogwarts - Slytherin Lecter

We have a profound fascination with the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, created by that genius that is J.K. Rowling: the atmospheres that she can build always can calm us and while reading her books, we feel at home.
So, we decided to start a series of crossover illustrations between Hannibal (the Bryan Fuller's series) and Harry Potter and the first is, of course, Hannibal! Hannibal is a Slytherin (can be otherwise?), an animagus (can turn into a gold snake, a sort of mix between a rat snake and a python) and he's very fond of potions. His wand is made of cherry wood and dragon heartstring.

Next of the series? It will be Alana!

domenica 14 agosto 2016

ItsStillBeautiful - Cute scenes!

For @hannibalcreative event, aka #ItsStillBeautiful: after the Hannigram wedding and the Hannibal “Nakama” Lecter vs Molly “wife” Foster fight, we decided to do a series of little scenes that we can call “the cutest,  best scenario ever”, aka almost impossible events that we would like to see on the third season of Hannibal. One can always dream, right?

1. And here we have Morgan Verger, Alana and Margot’s baby, trying to imitate his adoring uncle and temporary babysitter (the regular one is Chiyoh, of course ) Hannibal. Available as stickers, prints and other cool things on RedBubble, HERE

2. We like to imagine that Hannibal will have long, very long hair, usually collected in a beautiful braid or a bun. Here we have our dear Doctor as he prepares to go to the opera with Will, brushing his hair before collecting them up meticulously. Yes, we like men with long hair XD. Also, Winston is ready too, and no one will say that dogs are not allowed to the opera, because this sir is too fancy with a bow tie, no no, they have to allow him the entrance. Enjoy the performance, Winston. Available on RedBubble HERE.
3.Again, Hannibal and Morgan, this time building a lego castle! Because both legos and castles are cool. Available on RedBubble HERE.
This idea came from a post by @damnslippyplanet (THIS ONE) . “Chiyoh being the world’s least impressed nanny, teaching Morgan  self-defense and sniping and god knows what else, all while having very  little interest in his tea parties or whatever. She’s just all “okay,  you’re five now, time to give you Baby’s First Fencing Lesson.””. Available on RedBubble HERE.

Last, but not least, Hannibal and Will murdering together very rude people and enjoying every still, every drop of blood under the moonlight. Available on RedBubble HERE.

If you are a +$2 patron, you can download here the zip pack with all the files in full resolution, ready to be printed everywhere! (only for personal use. Of course).
Thank you for the support on Patreon, Patrons! and in particolar you, Fannibal patrons, @wendigoskitchen, @pussnhikingboots, @stonecolddesign and @alwaysalanab . Without you, I probably wouldn’t have participated to this event! You’re the best!

domenica 7 agosto 2016

The Wife and the Nakama - Part 2 ITA

SUCCESSIVO> Coming soon!

The Wife and the Nakama - Part 2 ENG

The Wife and the Nakama - Part 1 ITA

The Wife and the Nakama - Part 1 ENG

Exoterism special - The Wife and the Nakama

I don't have yet a cover for this short special, sorry XD (But I'll draw it soon!).
This is because this highly spoilerish story (at least if you intend to follow the events of Exoterism) was created for the event #ItStillBeautiful.

Summary: Hannibal is cooking. But that kitchen is not his kitchen. Will's wife is not happy about the fact that Hannibal is there.

Choose the language and start to read!

Wedding by the sea

Finally it’s on! Finally it’s on! It’s started, #ItsStillBeautiful, so hurry up and starting to post…
Commission for  @h4nnibalism and illustration for the @hannibalcreative‘s event #ItsStillBeautiful, all done in black ballpoint pen: Hannigram wedding by the sea! They fell in love by the sea, so it’s the right thing XD (Since the person who commissioned this have also other, delectable, plans for this illustration, following h4nnibalism’s blog to know what it’s going to be created feels like a good idea ;) )
If you are a +$2 Patron, you can download a ZIP pack with all the WIP steps and the full resolution file HERE