I will NOT make private commissions; such term means to handle copyright rights. Please don't ask.
I reserve the right to make public every image I produce; if you decide to remain as an "anonymous commissioner" please let me know beforehand.
You are allowed to upload the picture on any website you’d like (credit must be given) and to use it as avatar/signature in every forum you like.
You are allowed to print the picture for personal purpose (non-profit).
I really like artistic freedom, but you can choose everything on your commission (pose, colors, etc.) or give me freedom about your character(s) (these are the works that I do better and I've satisfied a great number of people with this method).
You can ask for a commission that you will use commercially (book illustration, videogame concept, t-shirt drawing etc.), but there will be a little fee on these.
If in doubt, ask!

-Mecha (It's because they're really difficult to me... better if you choose someone that can draw them, right?)
-Porn or anyway very sexual explicit
-Extreme obesity (allowed characters "a little bit fat", not allowed "extremely fat" characters)
-Very weird fetishes (but, ask if you're not sure)

-Anything. Ask if you are not sure about.

-Big cats
-Male humans
-Scenes with much blood
-Fight scenes
-Concept art (especially creatures)

And now... the prices!

1. Digital Sketch  (colored)

Price: USD 5.40

Digital sketch, colored. I draw every kind of anthro, human, vampires, human-like creatures, animals.
Only 3.70 for every extra character!
Some Examples:

2. MLP Pony (simple)

Price: USD 6.00 + 3.10 for every extra character

For more complicate drawings, like a digital complex, see the prices of a digital complex

3. Digital headsketch (colored - black and white)

Price for colored: USD 4.60

Price for black and white: USD 2.40

Every kind of creature. Only head. Sketch, with color and a simple background.

 4.Traditional chibi with color

Price: USD 2.50

Colored chibi without background / chibi colorati, ma senza sfondo
only $1.20 extra for every character in the same drawing, max. 10 characters in a draw.
Every kind of animal, people, anthro.

 5.Digital complex

Price: USD 33.00

Digital art, complex. First I draw the base with ballpoint pen and then I complete it by adding color and shading in digital. I draw humans, human-like creatures and every kind of animal and anthro, but I'm better with the ones with fur Now I'm 'good even with humans, thanks to the tons of fanarts of Hannibal that I've done XD

Max. 2 characters in a drawing: for more characters, there is a fee of $5.

Some examples:
Commission - Anthro Chocobo by FuriarossaAndMimmaCommission - Mirror mirror by FuriarossaAndMimma
Commission - Zapo vs Zaqo by FuriarossaAndMimmaCommission - Peter by FuriarossaAndMimma

 6. Complex chibi traditional with background

Price: USD 10.00

Traditional chibi with background.
For every extra character, $1.30.
Max. 10 characters.

 7.Digital chibi with transparent background

Price: USD 4.10

Digital chibi with transparent background. Can be anything: animal, anthro, human, object. What you want. Even a mecha. For every extra character in the same drawing, only $1.20 .
Max. 7 characters.

8. Study on a creature kind/character

Price: USD 17.00

Study on a character, original character or a creature type (any kind, from the zombie to the werewolf, from the dragon to the cat, going for every kind of fictional creature) with effect "old's book page".
You give me description or some references and I compose a page like the ones on the examples.
From 4 to 10 drawings per page (at my discretion)
Studio 7 - Demone maggiore dei cimiteri by FuriarossaAndMimmaStudio 6 - Hydra by FuriarossaAndMimmaStudio 5 - Fate comuni by FuriarossaAndMimmaStudio 4 - Raptor by FuriarossaAndMimmaStudio 1 - Abraham Van Helsing by FuriarossaAndMimma

9. Character sheet type 1

Price: USD 25.50

Type 1 character sheet, all colored with pencil and black ballpoint pen.
Includes a full body. two busts, a chibi and a detail on the eyes.
Texts completely of your choice and will be written at the computer and not at hand like in the example (because this a new kind of commission and, of course, I've never sold one).
Every extra detail (For example jewelry) costs $ 1.
Examples (sorry, these ones are really old XD):
Furiadoro Character sheet by FuriarossaAndMimmaCharacter sheet - Rosca by FuriarossaAndMimma

 10. Character sheet type 2 

Price: USD 120.00

Three full-body views: front, side and rear.
Two head views: front and side.
A chibi.
An eye detail.
+$5 for every extra thing (like jewelry, paw detail, etc.)
Text is free, of course (but you have to tell us what to write!). I provide a black and white and a colored version + an extra mini character like this
 Minis 74 - Palidor by FuriarossaAndMimma
Sunkawakan character sheet - black and white by FuriarossaAndMimma


11. Traditional (black ballpoint pen)

Price: USD 28.00

All done with black ballpoint pen. Animals, human or anthro. With complex background. Max. 2 characters (with no extra charge).
For more than 2 characters, the extra fee it's of $4 for every character.
Commission - Mina the dragoness by FuriarossaAndMimmaSilence in the moonlight by FuriarossaAndMimmaBeast of Prey - Black young dragon by FuriarossaAndMimmaWeek 12-King Galbatorix by FuriarossaAndMimma

12. Digital super-complex

Price: USD 54.00

All done in digital. Completed in about two weeks. Big file, max. 3 characters.
Commission - Pony Knight by FuriarossaAndMimma
We bring death, we bring life by FuriarossaAndMimmaSurprised in the night - Werewolf by FuriarossaAndMimma
Commission - After the apocalypse by FuriarossaAndMimma

Extra:if you buy one of these (digital complex) you will receive for free also a mini-chibi like this:Minis 82 - Gayza by FuriarossaAndMimma

13.Mini chibi with transparent background

Price: USD 2.60

Digital chibi with transparent background. Can be anything: animal, anthro, human, object. What you want. Even a mecha. For every extra character in the same drawing, only $1.10 .

Chibi Hannibal - Garret Jacob Hobbs by FuriarossaAndMimmaHannibal chibis - Jack Crawford by FuriarossaAndMimma


14. Simple digital (black and white)

Price: USD 16.00

A digital drawing, with a delicate shading. Can be anything: animal, anthro, human, object. What you want. For every extra character in the same drawing, only $2.10 .

15. Simple digital (colored)

Price: USD 22.00

A digital drawing, quicker than the digital complex, but with a good effort put in it and a background. Can be anything: animal, anthro, human, object. What you want. For every extra character in the same drawing, only $2.10 .

Ps. A lot of these drawings are old... and I'm really too lazy to change them with regularity (also, I have a lot other things to do), so it's better if you watch one of my galleries to see how much better are the recent commissions/fanarts/general art. Thanks!
One of our better gallery with examples (and not too much doodles) is the one on our Artstation, HERE

For every question or commissioning me, you can contact me on my furaffinity account (here), or on twitter, via pm (here), by commenting here, on my deviantart or on my e-mail