Useful links for you, my fannibals!

A fan made site to celebrate the TV show Hannibal: an archive of all the fanarts and fanfictions.                      group dedicated to all the couples from Hannibal series. I love it.
One of the best collection of Hannibal fanarts, only partially done by the owner of the site.
Not-only-Hannibal, but mostly Hannibal, site of one of my favorite artists ever. On my Pinterest board I tried to collection rare and beautiful Hannibal fanarts and photos
Official Thomas Harris' (Hannibal's writer) site Janice Poon's official site about food and recipes in NBC Hannibal



NBC Hannibal focused blog. Lots of reblogs, some original gifs, a little bit of meta, and a lot of crack.



Other interesting things
Mads Mikkelsen Source, dedicated to the talented Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen
Up-to-date news, articles, photos, videos and more.
Only Italian. Crossover di Kuroshitsuji e Hellsing. Presenti anche influenze di NBC Hannibal e altri show.

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